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Writer's Block: Destined for greatness
Do you believe that a higher power controls our fate or that we choose our own destinies?

We choose our own destiny. Higher powers can affect circumstances that may shape our choices, but ultimately we do make "a choice".

No Booty Calls!
Love me some Kelly! *^_^* Saw s/he made another video, totally favoriting this betch *^_^*

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Fave Quote: "But some of my best friends are Lebonese!"

Trailer from "I Can't Sleep Straight"

Haven't seen it but it looks HOT, lol...

Strange what you can fall over completely by accident. Youtube crawl on the New Year :)

Omg! Wonder Girls!
Okay it's my birthday aka Christmas Eve, and I'm home waiting out a Blizzard (maybe!) -- the snow turns on and off like a faucet and not sure how much will stick, but it's early yet. I got out of work at noon, yay! And scurried home. The wind is vicious, but I'm snug and making Chicken Parmigiana for supper (stoffers!) and have tasty vittles all snugged away (yay midnite grocery binges!) so I'm good even if I get snowed in for the holiday weekend. sighs... as long as the power doesn't give out!

Okay I'm doing a you tube crawl and grooving on Korean pop stars ... hey just a sudden weird craving I had... and this caught my eye. As a comic book fan, and girl pop music, this is a guilty little treat. The girl band is actually called WONDER GIRLS and they are the flavor of the month, and this is their song TELL ME : and appropriately enough... it has a Wonder Girl in it! Full costume and all. I just about fell off my seat giggling when I saw. So cute!

So what do you think? Tell me! :)

Harvest Dragons and lineages
I currently have a couple of Harvest Dragon hatchlings that I can adopt out if someone who missed the one day only limited edition Harvest Dragon egg drop on Halloween would like one.

I'm so happy! My vampire hatchling only has a few more days till he or she grows up! I'm hoping for a girl, but I know it will probably be a boy. No matter, I'll love either one. My first bitten egg that doesn't auto abandon or die will go to my Dily, second egg to Dragonlady, after that depends on requests and how well the eggs take to being vamped. I'll probably only vamp cave born eggs. Less messy that way.

I'm going to try and breed a Rare x Rare ancestry line, incorporating dragons whose lineages are from nearly impossible Rare x Rare matings. In Dragon Cave rares are unable to produce young with another rare, EXCEPT for those brief little glitches that sometime happen. I've got silver male who is the son of a Silver and a Hollybuck (Christmas dragon 08) - and I'm adopting his eggs out to a waiting list. I'll mate him or his offspring to other lines of that type when I can, see if I can get a truly glittering pedigree. *^_^*

This Halloween I got lots of Harvest dragons, and my lovely Zombie (was a tropical dragon) it's cool but kind of freaky!!! And now my vampire dragon completes teh set!


Under Construction... =)
Oooo I'll be setting up a new website soon! Thanks to patrickat (^_^) I have a new web space! Yay!!! I just got to find time now to tailor a new site up with my stuff!


Happy Happy Cheap DVDs !!!
Happiness is 70 dollar plus dvd sets for only 15 bucks each at Wallmart!!! :) Chris showed up at gaming last night with season three of Forever Knight, which I coo'd over, and then found out he only paid 15 bucks for it!!! These sets were over 70 bucks each when they first came out, and I was holding off on getting them. Then he told me ALL three seasons were there for the same price!!! It was after midnite, but we both went to Wallmart and I even scored a 5 dollar copy of a vampire film I've been wanting!!! Yayyy now I have stuff to watch on the new dvd player I bought for the kitchen tv *^_^* to entertain me while I clean up the summer clutter for my fall and winter cooking marathons!!! yayyyyyy

DVDs are super cheap now! probably license holders using up their remaining license before blue ray takes over everything, and retailers getting rid of warehouse back stock. I found season 1 and 4 of Lois and Clark for 3 bucks each at Biglots this summer, and 3 seasons (i forget which but they weren't in order) of the Flintstones also for 3 bucks each. umm think I'll go to Biglots later.

There's a kitten in my garage!
I noticed this kitten early during the week on my back patio, cuddling up to my very old black cat Frost. Frost is about 18 and was fixed after her very first litter. Frost was never meant to have kittens, that first and only litter was a complete accident due to my then room mate's stupid boyfriend letting her out during her very first heat. I had specifically told him NOT to let her out. She'd been set up to be spayed when she went into heat, and it was only postponed so she could come out of it first before her operation. She had an appointment all set up, when fate decided that there needed to be a lot more black kittens (five, and one tabby kitten) in the world. Since then Frost has always been a prickly alpha kitty to other grown cats, but she's a total sweet heart to "her babies" as well as humans, and had a habit of grabbing my clean sock balls and a few individual socks, and treating them like kittens.

omg... should I name this new wild kitten sock ball? It just occured to me it's like my white socks with the gray soles and heel (>_<) ack!!! The kitten is white, with a large gray saddle on it's back, and a light small patch of grey on it's upper face. It's freaking ADORABLE, and totally feral. I've seen no other kittens so I reckon it's an abandoned lil bit who took to the wild as a second nature. Not quite a sleek short hair but not persian long, it's a beautiful poofy kitty.

Anywhoo I leave my garage up just a few inches so the gas fumes of my emergency gas cans will not build up, and coming home from work friday saw the kitten in my garage as I came home. I immediately closed the garage door, and my car is parked outside right now. I have all weekend to capture the kitten and try and tame it. sigh... I'm pretty sure it's a little girl. I've been wanting another kitten rather desperately lately, even though I need another cat like a hole in the head. Case in point Evil has been marking my bedroom again, the unholy little beast. If he weren't so off the ten point scale of beautiful, he'd be a pair of soft fur gloves by now. sigh. Evil really is gorgeous though, thick beautiful short pelt softer than rich cream, gorgeous colors of burnished gold caramel and chocolate in a marbled swirl, the tips of his fur are glittering METALLIC dark gold glitter... Yes he is a pure bred Marbled Bengal with all those gorgeous recessive traits. He's also sweet as pie. If only he didn't spray, and didn't knock everything off any table top or high surface ... He killed my modem a few weeks back by knocking a cup of water on it

I've even, gods forbid, considered maybe studding him out. I'd have to go get his papers sigh, and perhaps finding someone with a female Bengal they'd like serviced and taking my fee as pick of the litter. I know Evil would throw the most supremely gorgeous babies. And something just keeps me from getting the little spray monster fixed. He's not as majestic as his daddy Riot, he's a cheeky thing because he KNOWS he's totally gorgeous, and even though he's some years old now, he's still a great big kitten.

Anyhoo off to catch a kitten. a little moggie babie may keep me from doing something stupid, like buying another breed quality kitty. I'd been thinking perhaps another Gogees kitten, like Riot to be Evil's mate. But I just bought my second Second Life Island and a new laptop, so I don't think it's wise (or economically possible) to drop another few grand on a cat. Once I get the house all tidied up though, maybe I can invite some other Bengal Breeders over for coffee, tea, and cat trading. See if any has older female kittens of breed quality they'd like to place for a lower fee or kittens back. Hmmm, I'd love some spotted babies again. I'm just very bad at taking time to do proper sales. sigh...

stretches, yawns... naps. wakes up to go catch kitten!

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
Mooncatx goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as Pounce the Catstalker.
allaine77 gives you 11 purple orange-flavoured gummy bats.
dlblue gives you 6 softly glowing root beer-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
kishuku gives you 14 pink coffee-flavoured nuggets.
patrickat gives you 5 red cherry-flavoured pieces of taffy.
pqravik gives you 7 orange cinnamon-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
quinceyforder gives you 2 purple blueberry-flavoured jawbreakers.
roguederek tricks you! You get a dead frog.
seri_wavelength gives you 10 mauve grapefruit-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
slai tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
summer_jackel gives you 13 milky white lime-flavoured jawbreakers.
Mooncatx ends up with 68 pieces of candy, a dead frog, and a broken balloon.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

PINK FIVE! Calling All Star Wars Fans...
This totally rocks! And it gets better each episode. Stacey is totally my new fave Jedi/Sith ever!


... and like, can I get a pink droid too?



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